Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I had such grand thoughts of what would get done, today.

The kiss that woke me with a smile said it's morning time mommy.  It began, today.  My intentions to get caught up on the work that is mine, this home, were true. What I didn't know...that's always where I get caught off guard, like I should know how this day is going to go from that first morning kiss.  Who am I kidding!

I didn't know that plans, grander still, were in store for this day.  The laundry and dishes are still waiting but my heart is so filled with moments of now, today, here.  I saw toes and space and more kisses and hugs than the whole week before.  I wandered from room to room knitting together these moments that made today.  Sometimes it feels right to set aside, intentions and goals and focus intently what really hold us together.
My first completed knitting project, on it's handsome owner.

Space ship, complete with an escape pod, that actually detaches.
Watching How to Train Your Dragon for extra snuggle time at the end of the day.
My heart is full, of that feeling, you know the one you get when you look at a little baby.  That's how the end of today finds me, soft, tender, radiating love.

A couple weeks ago, holding a baby for the first time. I love her face!


Geo. said...

Butterfly Mama,
Impressive photographic skills! Especially struck by "holding a baby" pic. Very similar to one I took --less expertly-- last week (see Tranride of The Enigmas). There's a difference of over half a century in the ages of our models but expressions are nearly identical. One of those timeless looks, I guess.

Mom said...

Wow! such a tender look on her face holding the baby! He looks so grown up in that scarf..I am so proud of your finished work! Love the spaceship with escape pod!!! <3
So glad you had such a memorable day to treasure.
Love you all so much...Mom/Granny