Sunday, June 14, 2009


The number of years snippets of life have been captured on this blog. Random, I know but that seems like a long time, it should be a long time.

I'm planning on registering for advanced physics next semester because I'm taking it upon myself to slow time down. The days seem to be over in a matter of minutes, not that those minutes aren't exhausting, I just feel time slipping away, missed moments, lost hugs.

So, I've solved it like this: I'm talking the next week off teaching classes and we are going to take time to smell the roses...which are blooming, coincidentally. And I am going to enjoy each and every moment of the day instead of just using it to get something done.

That being said, I'm finally editing pictures from Easter and uploading to picasa eventually! I'm GOING to finish all of the four books I'm currently in the middle of. And I'm going to laugh, hysterically, with my kids, a lot, a whole LOT!!!

Yeah, I might weed the weed patch , a-hem, garden and a spend some quality time with what's his name Adam too!


Mike said...

Have fun and rest. Lots of them.


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Mom/Granny said...

Sounds like alot of fun! Your little girl looks so grown up in this entry compared to the last. (Tear drops fall from my eyes. Then laughter with your son. That is sooooo him!)

Butterfly Mama said...

Yeh, I just happened to catch her in a more grown up look I think! Yes, he's such a ham!!!