Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Summer Fashion

It's all in the accessories!

Your pink princess purse will go with anything this season, whether you're leaving for summer vacation...

...or planning your next nerf shooting game, it will really bring everything together!

A MUST have this season!


Danielle said...

How funny! We call my daughter the bag lady. When she was this age she always had some kind of bag stuffed with things. Here is my Wordless Wednesday!

Staci said...

Too cute! Of course it's the perfect bag for everything!

Granny said...

Just the thing, of course!

RaisingOlives said...

So sweet! I love little ones and the things that they fixate on. One of ours always had a pink umbrella. She carried it all over and always wanted to take it when we went anywhere.

Sweet pictures.


Anna said...

why of course it's "the thing" now, heidi. :) Isn't it so fun to see their personalities blossom like that?