Saturday, March 14, 2009

Life just keeps happening regardless of if it is recorded here or not. So far this month I've gotten another year older, got a preschooler beginning to recognize words, and my 19 mo old to sleep throughout the night. Well, really my husband did this last one but I'm certainly enjoying the benefits uninterrupted sleep for the first time since the middle of my 3rd trimester.

I really do miss writing about our silly happenings around here and I'm trying to figure out if there is time enough in the day to keep up with this place or not.

We leave in the morning for a marathon adventure to Las Vegas and then San Diego. It should be an exciting time driving - our drive time tomorrow I believe is about 11 hours so. The travel time will be up there pushing the "happy envelope" but I've got some stuff up my sleeve that will hopefully keep the kids occupied for much of the time.

Or so I pray.

I just loaded a Twitter app to my phone so I'll probably be twittering our doings when we have service. If you want to follow me, I'm heidibutterfly. Plus there's always facebook which sucks me in occasionally...

I have been writing drafts about all the rapid changes my baby girl is going through that I hope to complete before she changes too much more! It's hard to imagine her as tiny baby anymore, she walks, is starting to talk, and wants to do whatever her big brother is doing. Very fun!

Hope to twittter with you this week or see you on facebook -it's going to be a long car ride peeps :)


Mary said...

Have fun on your marathon.

When my kids were 3, 4 and 5 respectively, I jumped in the car and drove them to Perth from Adelaide
2400km's. Across the Nullabor. They were great!

Lots of tiny little stops - keep the fluids up.

Linds said...

Have a wonderful time away, Heidi! I will catch you on twitter or facebook when I get back. And I am looking forward to reading about your little one growing up too!