Thursday, October 09, 2008

And she goes on and on...

After some wheat-free yummy peanut butter cookies (low sugar and honey sweetened) were baked and the sun shone in it was up to about 68 inside but now I'm cold again! We just might have to turn the heat on tonight.

Tried two new recipes for dinner Sesame Chicken Bites (but I left out the sugar - of course!) and Quinoa Pilaf and they both turned out very good. I do need to try not to plan two new recipes on the same night, it's hard to get the timing down. It all worked out though.

Thanks so much for all of your game suggestions I want them ALL! For now we got Sequence For Kids and Boggle Jr. and I have about 9 more on my wish list, maybe for Christmas! It's been fun to have other games to play!!

I totally think October is going by faster than September did! I must have learned something from those 30 days, because I'm still menu planning, using or freezing leftovers and budgeting better! Imagine that behaving like a grown up and everything - 'bout time!

Well wasn't this just a bit of randomness...hope you all have a wonderful weekend. I'll be up in the mountains at a retreat with a bunch of gals from my church. I'm taking the baby, but the boys are on their own!


Jodi said...

I had to turn the heat on this afternoon because is was 61 in here. Brrrr. It heated it up to 68 and hasn't turned back on so that is good.

Have fun with the new games!

Brianne said...

I want to know what you learned in those 30 days! I SO need to get better at menu planning and reusing leftovers... I'm really trying to do better about not letting food go to waste, but it's a hard habit to break! And I have to believe that having a menu planned will make life so much easier when baby #2 gets here soon! Oh well... I guess it will come with time, practice and experience?