Thursday, September 22, 2011

Summer versus Fall

Last week our science lesson was on the seasons and for a science experiment, we decided to head out into the neighborhood and look for signs.  Teetering on the line, Summer keeps taking one last deep breath.  One day soon however, Autumn is bound to be exhaled.

Our Observations:

Signs that Summer is still here: 
a butterfly fluttering between us
hot sweaty heads beneath bike helmets
skinned knees and elbows
wild blackberries
Signs that Fall is coming:
a few leaves beginning to turn red on the neighbor's sugar maple tree
trumpet geese returning
Apples (and the crabby apples)
the bountiful harvest from our garden
cooler mornings

Snippets of Summer Life

This evening while talking with my son as I put him to bed…
Nathan: Mommy remember that nice thing I did for Gabi
Me: Yes, you are a wonderful big brother
N: Well I’m not going to be able to remember it in another week or maybe more because my brain is gonna be all filled up with school!
                                             ____    ____    ____

I turn around in the kitchen and ask my handsome husband who just returned home sweaty from the gym to please stop drinking from the water bottle he pulled from the fridge. 
“Wow, why? That’s good,” he questions. 
“Of course it is!! Its hummingbird food. You know, sugar and water in solution…”
                                              ____    ____    ____
Riding in the car Gabi asks, “Do I have a sweet tooth?
Me: Yes, you have a very big sweet tooth sweetie.
G: Where is it?
Me: Why do you want to know?
G: I want to eat it!
                                              ____    ____    ____
Summer, you will be missed dearly.  Fall, welcome! You promise more of this, more of us and life all open and raw and real.


Mom said...

Nice Experiment! Love the snippets!!!

Geo. said...

Saw your post while babysitting grandson yesterday and found it encouraging and instructive. We're at distinctively different stages of family life and it helps when you transmit from the thick of it. Thanks Butterfly Mama!