Saturday, December 05, 2009

In Case You're Looking

If you need me for the next couple weeks, I can be found behind my sewing machine or stumped trying to make up a pattern for something much more advance than my sewing abilities.  I'm having fun and I need the pressure of a deadline for more motivation, so here I go to sit and figure and play and create.
I will not be able to share all of what I'm up to yet out here where everyone can see it, I'll keep those it in the closet of my mind for now.  I can share a few things though.

So far, I have made some gift bags from scraps of fabric, remnants, and an old t-shirt.  Thanks to Make it From Scratch for the link to make these super easy and cute gift bags.  It is a pretty good project for a beginning seamstress and many can be made in a fairly short time.
I also made one out of an old green t-shirt. I didn't take it's photo but I just sliced it off under the arm pits and sewed those straight edges together to make the bottom of the gift bag. The finished bottom edges of the shirt became the top of the bag and for this one I sewed velcro onto the open end I figured it would be fun for some of them to still make noise when they opened!

I also made this little throw pillow for my daughter.  I want to redecorate in her room and have fabric for a valance that coordinates with this fun one.  So it's turning out to be a sewing Christmas around here.  Also on the to make list, a baby doll blanket or two and a jedi cloak.  Then, if time allows, some doll clothes out of some old clothes my Mom sent from when we were kids.

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Stephanie said...

I went on a sewing kick about a week ago. I really had fun! Can't wait to see your top secret project! :)