Thursday, April 02, 2009

The rest of our trip...

I love the above photo, very telling of our Sea World day, relaxing, and both kids loved everything. While they were standing there, my 4yo kept saying "whale, see the whale?" and the baby says, "way-el" just too cute.

Technically, this is a family photo. Can't find my husband?? Well that's cause your not a CSI tech. Yeah, his reflection is in my glasses if you really zoom in - I'm sure they'd do wonders with it in "the lab" LOL!

The next day at La Jolla Shores it was a tad foggy, as you can see, but still warm (uh, yeah sunny San Diego, not snowing the last day of March, Idaho!) The kids had fun. Well, let me rephrase, my son had a blast. Even went into the cold water with me - those photos of me and him facing away from the camera, they are for Adam only, even I don't want to see 'em! ;)

Seriously though my son just loved it, even digging with a plastic spoon from our yogurt cups and making sandcastles from my Aunt's recyclable tubs was a blast. Chasing a stubborn sandpiper who kept coming back for more and, ah, trying his best to make the sand look appealing for his sister. She, however was too busy almost drawing blood as she clenched me so tightly.

Seriously, she was content only to nurse at first. Yeah, it was rough, lying on a blanket, listening to the surf I really didn't complain! We just chilled for about 45 minutes or so. Then she was okay on my lap eating yogurt. A bit later she would venture around our safe blanket but no further. Finally, when left no other choice, as I had packed up the blanket, she reluctantly walked about 15 feet along the sand.

And we've got pictures to prove it!

Thanks to my hubby's Mom for moving back to sunny San Diego, and to my Aunt and Uncle for letting us stay was a very fun journey.


Mary said...

Is that you in them short shorts? How trim, tall and terrific you look.

The rest of the photos are fab too ;)

Butterfly Mama said...

Thanks, must have been using the slimming lens :)

Sherri said...

I agree with look great :).
We loved our beach vacation last year. Jeff and I went to the beach in Mexico in Feb. and LOVED IT. It was hard to come back home to winter after that trip!!!