Monday, January 19, 2009

"Mommy, get on top of the ball!"

This morning, I found myself at the computer, you know on Facebook, reading other blogs and random stuff.

I'm not sure how this happened, but the kids are getting along. I should have known better because a few days ago when they were getting along they made THIS mess. But they were happy. They were happy cleaning it up together too, it was an afternoon affair to remember. Seriously, miracles are happening here!

Back to this morning, I hear my son telling the baby, "follow me" and "bring the toilet paper." To this my silent alarm rings enough for me ask what they are up to. And he tells me that they opened the case of toilet paper and are distributing it to all the bathrooms. He's done this for me before, so I think nothing of it.

Yeah, you're waiting for something right? Well, here's the kicker. Apparently, they weren't just stowing the tightly wrapped new rolls under the sink for when we ran out. They helped the current roll run out all over the floor. Then my creative four year old took the old tube off and put a new roll on. In all three bathrooms!

Can I just tell you how much toilet paper we go through here? It's like the four year old has regressed to a toddler and recalled just how much fun it is to TP a house. Despite my begging him to be the good example for his sister, if she's into mischief, she's the leader and he's happy to be the accomplice!

On a tangent I'm on pace to raise the first male in history that will change a toilet paper roll, not just set it on top of the spent one. Sadly, my husband promised to have a talk with him when he's of age, lest he make the rest of the male gender look bad! :)

And to finish the above tangent. The mess eventually made into the best work table for the little ones. They sure love their gift Grandma, thanks!

Look carefully, they both still have styrofoam pieces in their hair! Enjoy your day!


Mom said...

That is soo cute! Wish I remember some of the stuff you guys did....I only remember the quiet and then the panic!
By the way, your Dad changes the roll!

Nicki said...

Too funny! They are so cute working at that little table together. Oh, and my husband is the only one who regularly remembers to change the toilet paper roll around here. LOL!

And we should totally be Facebook friends, girl!!! :)

Wendy said...

that's so funny! when it's quiet i start wondering!

Amy said...

Hey - Everyone has those days where you think "They are happy and I'll just get it later!" Love the photos.